General Rules

• 1. All guild members are expected to act maturely. You can be mature and still have fun.

• 2. Have fun. We are all here to enjoy our time playing and we need to understand that we all have the right to have fun together. Please be mindful of others and respect their right to also play and have fun.

• 3. Be respectful. There are a multitude of diverse people with unique personalities, beliefs and values; as such, we must respect each of our differences. This means that when disagreements occur, we need to respect those we disagree with, and those that don’t want your disagreement in their leisure time. We also need to remember that our actions in groups reflect on the whole guild, thus we need to be respectful in pickup groups.

• 4. Work together. We are a group of friends that are here to work together to experience the content the best we can. Be a team-oriented player.

• 5. Be creative. If you have an idea for improvement or any suggestions, please speak with an officer. If you have any questions regarding guild rules or raid rules address any officer of the guild.

• 6. Be positive. Address issues as positive as you can and treat others like you want to be treated yourself. We are all are responsible for the mood in the guild, be it in guild chat, the websites or while in groups.

• 7. Be cautious with your language. Occasional swearing is likely to occur in guild, group and TeamSpeak chat but anything more is strongly discouraged

• 8. DO NOT cheat, use exploits, ninja loot or otherwise try to get unfair advantages thru actions that violate the T.o.S. of blizzard.


Guild members

• should always treat other players with dignity and respect
• should always be honest and trustworthy
• will not use a profusion of offensive language in guild chat
• will not spam guild chat, or be offensive to anyone in guild chat
• will not give out the guild teamspeak password to non-guildies without the permission of an officer
• will bring issues that cannot be worked out amongst guild members to officers for mediation
• will be patient while asking for help, will not beg and be respectful of other peoples time


Raiding Rules

Signing up
• You are expected to sign “Accepted”, “Tentative” or “Declined” for all raids in advance.
If you sign “Tentative” this means you will not get an invite automatically, even if you are online, you will have to whisper the raidleader for an invite or change your status to “Accepted” as soon as you know you’ll be able to come.
• Sign ups need to be done 24 hours prior to a Raid.

Raid Preparation
• All players signed up for a Raid should be fully prepared. This includes being fully repaired, having their gear gemmed and enchanted, have food/flasks available and having the necessary add-ons installed.
• Raid times start at 20:00 Server time and progress until 22:30 Server time. This is our usual Raid time, however at unusual times this may vary.
• Please be ready 15 minutes prior to raid start time for invites.
• Everyone is required to connect to Teamspeak and be able to listen in.

During the Raid
• We will be taking 5 minute scheduled breaks every hour after the raid starts. If you can please hold off on your afk’s untill this time that would really help the entire raid to go smoothly. We expect everyone to return from the scheduled breaks on time. If you cannot wait for the scheduled break, please WHISPER the raid leaders letting them know and place yourself on follow if it is safe to do so.
• If you disagree with a strategy, loot distribution, or something else the raid leaders are doing, please take it up with them in whispers or TeamSpeak after the raid.
• If you supply an alternate strategy, do not be offended if it is not used. A lot of times the raid leaders put a lot of time into researching strategies and if they don’t choose to move over to yours there is probably a very good reason for this.
• Negativity towards the raid, individuals or bosses can really bring down the entire raid. If you are having a bad day and are feeling negative towards the raid, please arrange for a replacement and step out. We are all here to have fun, and even when we’re working on progression content we do not need to have negativity bringing us all down.
• Finger pointing is not tolerated. We understand that learning a new boss or not progressing as fast as you would like can be stressful, but pointing fingers and placing blame on others will not help. Instead everyone should look at what they can do to improve the raid personally. If you do see something that someone might improve on, you should do so in a friendly, non-aggressive manner. We are all in this together, and we can get better together! But it does not help the team to single someone out and make them feel bad.

• Sign in on TS with your character name, or if you want with both your character name and first name.
(When talking to someone please refer to their characters name aswell, using people’s first names can be really confusing)
• It’s not allowed to have “Voice Activation” enabled, so please use “Push to Talk”.
• You can talk all you like during downtime in the raid. But please try to keep TeamSpeak clear when we approach a boss, as the raid leaders will need to start explanations. If you need to say something during explanations, please write it out in raid chat instead of interrupting on TeamSpeak.
• Keep TeamSpeak clear during fights unless you are specifically asked to call something out or there is an emergency the raid should know about. If there are too many people calling things out on TeamSpeak it can get confusing. If you feel that something is not getting called out properly, please whisper the raid leaders about it after that fight and they can start calling that out or designate someone else to do so.

Raid Cancellation
• A Raid Leader can (if needed) decide to cancel a raid if he/she can not get the needed amount of players/classes for a successful raid run. However, with proper dedication and planning from each member in the guild this should be a rarity.

• The most important thing is to have fun. If everyone is having fun, even if we are wiping a lot, the raid as a whole can still have some good times. The rules above are just written to help ensure that everyone does have fun!


Trial Members:

• The trial member designation for members who want to raid either being a new member to the guild or a social member wanting more.
• Trial members will be eligible to be promoted to raider status after making themselves available for six raids. During any trial period, trial members will be expected to follow the code of conduct and otherwise meet all expectations of full raid members ((RAIDER STATUS IF AWARDED CAN BE REVOKED AT ANY POINT UNDER CERTAIN CONDITIONS))
• During the trial period, you are expected to have a 100% raid attendance for those raids they sign up for. Failure to meet this expectation will result in removal of the trial status and demotion to social
• Throughout the six raids period, the raid officers will monitor the conduct of the player, raid performance, behavior within and outside of the raid
• If it is decided that you are not a good fit we will explain to you why and remove you from the raid invites.